Sike, Not Worthy.

Worthiness: 1. Having adequate or great merit, character, or value 2. Of commendable excellence or merit; deserving 3. The quality of deserving attention or respect.

This moment in history is challenging our sense of worthiness in profound ways. The resounding questions of "Am I enough," thicken through the air. Am I healthy enough? Am I safe enough? Am I doing enough?  Do I have enough? Am I loved enough? Am I worthy, enough?

With each hit to tangible securities, the answer to those questions become more and more difficult to answer. How can the victim of domestic violence consider self worthy when stuck at home with abuser, courts are closed, or shelters and DV programs have put a halt on new intakes. How do parents believe they are good  when they can't get their children the resources they need to eat, learn, play. How can small business owners think they belong when loan assistance programs are covered in red tape and  reach instant capacity. How can the immunocompromised consider her life worthy when her healthcare job is the only way to put food on the table, and keep a roof over her head. And what hurts my heart is that I could go on. I have shared space with people who are deeply hurting. Who feel like their life doesn't matter. Who feel like they were doomed before, and most certainly doomed now. While I take time to remind us that we are worthy, I am also acknowledging that the systems around us are making it exceptionally hard to believe it. This is what makes mental health complicated. There is no breathing technique for this. It's hard to "reframe" injustice. It is difficult to hold on to truth & life, where there is lack of equity. So to all of you. Who are struggling for safety, recognition and to believe that you are worth this life:  I see you. I hear you. I respect you. I lift you up. For you deserve better than this. Dare to Be Resilient, Carolyne


"And I know that the clouds can't stay

And I know that the clouds can't stay

Said I know that the clouds can't stay..." (Femdot)

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