Do Invest

"No one was ever born without that light or flame of life. Some event, some person stifles or drowns it altogether. I was always tempted to resuscitate such [people] by my own joyousness or luminosity."

My  life, education, and work experiences has cultivated expertise on diverse mental health & public health challenges. Through values of cultural competence, innovation, trauma-informed practices, and outcome-based strategies, I can support & develop dynamic solutions for you and/or your community. Do invest through the following services:


Executive & Life



Nonprofit &


Social Enterprise



Workshops &



Guest &






Kick off your week with a CareNote. A gentle reminder of your worth and ability. An accountability partner for your goals and growth. Subscribe to receive a weekly letter filled with  encouragement, self care & mental health resources, and weekly challenges to keep you focused on your journey towards living your healthiest and best version of yourself. 

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